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History of the Castle

Aerial view of the castle
Aerial view of the castle

The Mora de Rubielos Castle stands on a hill , on the northern part of the Mora de Rubielo´s Old Town.The first reference that we have on it dates from 1198. The castle then became a property of the Blasco Fernández Of Heredia family , one of the powerful families of the Kingdom of Aragón. This lineage replaced the old castle and re-built it in one of the best examples of aragonian castle/palaces. The works were prolonged during the XV century.

After the middle ages, the castle went under a series of changes, including donations to Monastic Orders and a fire in the XVIII century. In the XX century it became a jail and police force headquarters. The castle went under a restoration in the 80s , becoming the monument that we can see today.

Castle´s description

Courtyard of the castle
The castle measures 79 x 76 meters at the base , and rises to a height of 34 meters . It is built in ashlar stonework and masonry, over an ancient stone platform.
Northern entrance to the castle
The castle has two entrances ; the northern one has a complex defensive fortification , formed by an 5 meter height gate-tower with a wooden bridge.
Southern entrance to the castle
The southern entrance is defended with a zig-zag shaped ramp with a portal in the middle.
Basements of the castle
Under the main floor , we have two level basement , covered with a barrel-voulted nave . The upper floor access is accessed by a staircase , through an open gallery over the porch.

Near points of interest

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria (XIV century)

Less than a two minutes walk from the Castle, we have this beautiful collegiate church , built in gothic style .

Colegiata (church) of Mora de Rubielos.
Colegiata (church) of Mora de Rubielos.