Luca Basile

Luca Basile comes from Belluno (Italy) and has been practicing HEMA for 12 years. He is interested in Renaissance martial arts, especially those from the Venetian area. Vincentio Saviolo is his main focus and for this reason he has been praticing since 2013 in the 1595 club under the guidance of Maestro Chris Chatfield.

Chainmail glove, catching glove, parrying glove. The use of the left hand in the fencing of Vincentio Saviolo.

The fight with swords in the Arte Militaire of the XVI century includes an active use of the left hand. The chainmail glove indeed was an accessory quite widespread in combination with the rapier, as confirmed by the Paduan fencing master Vincentio Saviolo, who in his treatise “His Practise” clearly says:”I will tell you, this weapon must be used with a glove…”.
The class will therefore be focused on the body mechanics connected with the use of the left hand, working on some sequences from the treatise which will be used afterwards for sparring.